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WJHS Making Spaces

This is one of my favorite quotes.  Sometimes I feel like one of the crazy ones.  I have these ideas that I hope will help kids, get them more engaged, help them find an interest, help them build their passions.  Thank goodness I have ended up at a school with others who feel the same way I do. People who use their love of wildlife to teach about deforestation.  People who use art to teach English.  Science teachers who have their students develop solutions to real world problems like the world wide water crisis or designing incubators to help save reptile eggs.  We even had a fashion show totally organized by 7th and 8th graders where they made some pretty amazing clothes and walked them down a runway.  Our faculty and staff know the importance of bringing the real world into the classroom and teaching students using not only their interests but also our own.

Washington Junior High currently has two maker spaces that can be utilized by students.  One has a focus on technology and ro…

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